Is anyone else getting sick of Ed Hardy?

Adnan Ghalib wearing Ed Hardy

Adnan Ghalib wearing Ed Hardy

Britney wearing Ed Hardy

Britney wearing Ed Hardy

IT’S EVERYWHERE! Why do guys think that Ed Hardy is an instant recipe for looking cool? It’s so sickening to see guys everywhere, especially that certain category of club goers, wearing Ed Hardy like “it’s going out of style.”

Well guess what guys.. you have successfully managed to make it go out of style. Oh yes, you better believe it… it’s done with.

It’s one thing to want to fit in, but when a certain trend becomes so common that it starts to take away any sense of individuality, that is when it starts to make me wanna puke.

Sorry if you are a big Ed Hardy fan and wear it religiously, this is just my opinion. It’s my blog and i’ll bitch if i want to 🙂

2 thoughts on “Is anyone else getting sick of Ed Hardy?

  1. Krishna says:

    Well now that Costco is starting to sell Ed Hardy i’m sure it’ll be even more in style 🙂

    Do styles go out of fashion across the world at the same time? Or are trends passed from the US to other countries like India? Check out Aishwarya Rai sporting a Christian Audigier shirt:

  2. Zara says:

    When I got married TWO years ago and moved to New York…at that time ED Hardly was had already begun to die down. So if people are JUST NOW starting to sport this crap in the U.S. let alone the rest of the world…thats just sad…ive personally had enough of it and even when it was brand spanking new…i thought it was for children 15 and under…I JUST DONT GET IT. I went to the movie theater the other day and much to my horror there was a freaking 2 story poster of an indian movie coming out with all of its 5 superstars wearing Ed Hardy tops!!! I mean as if it doesnt look like a costume to begin with. Then when i looked it up, i found out that that is not the only poster…all the promotion for that movie includes all the cast wearing nothing but Ed Hardy.

    I also found an article dated October 28th2008 titled “Ed Hardy is fast becoming B-town’s (Bollywood’s) pet casual wear” ( ….YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

    So to answer Krishna’s question….styles go out of fashion and we dont have to worry about the world missing the memo on that…most of us miss it right here at home.

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