This trend “ISRAELI” getting old.

What has long been a symbol of Palestinian nationalism has now been done to death by every hipster and teenie bopper.

Although there have been recent reports that the Israeli’s are claiming the “Keffiyeh” to be part of their culture.

Most of the people who are sporting this (in the Western part of the world) don’t really even know where this originated from and what it stands for.

Because of the timing of these trend, these hipsters and teenie boppers are unknowingly walking around supporting Palestine’s symbol of nationalism.

This thought just tickled me so I thought i’d share.

Other than that… newsflash.. the trend is now done guys.. no really…

sidenote: The title of this post or the post itself is not meant to offend anyone regardless of their origin. Rather it is just an observation. The title is meant to be just a play on words to make people giggle. So before you start going crazy on me just know that 🙂


David Beckham

Jermaine Dupri & Chris Brown

Jermaine Dupri & Chris Brown


Model wearing Keffiyeh

Model wearing Keffiyeh

Palestinian man wearing Keffiyeh

Palestinian man wearing Keffiyeh

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