Morocca’n Roll!

Vogue Italy’s May cover and spread featured a model wearing outfits and jewelry inspired by the Middle Eastern and Moroccan culture.

Cover of Vogue Italy's May Issue

Cover of Vogue Italy's May Issue

Below are some photos.

I think this sort of Arabic and Afghan inspired jewelry will be very in this coming summer and fall. I saw Bebe’s new catalog and it was filled with it as well.

For those of you in the Dallas,TX area, you can check out a store called Another Time and Place located in Plano (Shops at Legacy), McKinney and Dallas and find jewelry and other accessories like this.


Title of the fashion spread





Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia

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2 thoughts on “Morocca’n Roll!

  1. Dinah Daniel says:

    I personally love this type of look. I wonder if this ‘old world’ fashion will ignite an interest in that region of the world other than the present negative attention that we see in the media? I hope so. These middle eastern designs and colors are earthy yet classy and can fit into anyone’s modern lifestyle.

  2. Yeah I was going to write another blog about just that. How the tension between that region and other parts of the world is growing, however that is not really putting a stop to any sort of fashion influences around the globe. Stay tuned 🙂

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