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Top 5 Funny Halloween Costumes for Guys!

So I was talking to my friend Rajeev and he mentioned he didn’t know what he should be for Halloween, so I went to work on my search for some cool guy costumes.

I found some cool ideas that I wanted to share with you all since I rarely write stuff for guys.

Guys are lucky since they can do all kinds of crazy and funny things without having to worry about if they look cute or not.

So here are my Top 5 Funny Halloween Costumes for Guys.

1. A Facebook Profile Page:


You can get a white poster board and be anyone’s profile including your own. Cut out a square for your profile photo so your own head can show through. Not only will people want to take photos with you but they will also want to write on your wall (so have a marker handy) See more details at:

2. The Kissing Booth


This is another funny idea for single guys. I am not guaranteeing it will work.. in fact some girls might even think it’s cheesy but it still gets a laugh and may start a conversation!

3. Kraft Single


One of my friends did this a few years back and told me about it, I thought it was really funny. Again this is a good one for the single guy.

It may take a while for some girls to get it, but once they do, they will definitely think its witty.

To make it, you need the following items:

To make it I used the following:

— 1 twin size mattress pad (the egg-crate kind)
— A big sheet of plastic (I used a mattress bag)
— A razor blade or utility knife
— A can of spray adhesive
— A can of orangy-yellow spray paint
— A big Kraft sticker

For more details check out

4. God’s Gift to Women


You can only get away with being this conceited during Halloween. Regardless, it’s a really funny one and relatively easy to make.

You just need a gift wrapped box with a ribbon and a tag that can fit over you. Make a hole at the top and bottom of the box so you can wear the box.

On the tag you can simply write “To: Women From: God”

OR if you simply want to buy the costume you can go here:

5. One Night Stand


This one is classic! Put a lamp shade on your head and .. well I don’t know how to make a night stand, you may have to get the costume, unless you have amazing drawing or painting skills.

You could even print out a photo of a night stand from kinkos and glue it on a poster board!

That could turn out to be pretty ghetto if you don’t do it right so you may want to go here to buy the actual costume:

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Baroque Off My Ass!

A look I created inspired by the Baroque Art of the 16th century, mixed with a touch of urban, grunge and sporty.

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Model Diaries: Lakshmi Menon

I love the way she speaks. She has a lot of command and grace in her voice.

It’s great to know that she finished her education and waited till she was older to get back into modeling and still made it big in an industry where generally you are considered old when you hit 20.

Makes me feel great about myself 😛

A day in the life of runway model Lakshmi Menon.

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FashionEasta: Songs That Speak Fashion – Volume 2

As promised here is the second volume of my playlist of songs that speak fashion.

Check them out me know what you guys think…

Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix) by Sia

Marble House by The Knife

Silent Shout by The Knife

When I Grow Up by Fever Ray

Boom by Anjulie

Keep You Kimi by Hird

Get Your Money by Will I Am

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The Correct Sequins!

Sequins are back this fall. Here is my continuation of black and gold from the previous look with the addition of sequins.

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