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Karachi on Cruise Control

From family reunions to meetings with friends from the media, my first two weeks in Karachi have been quite eventful.

With the exception of a little down time, most days have been action-packed even if I am sitting at home and this is exactly what I missed about Pakistan.

The most fun is the long drives to nowhere along the beach front and exploring the local hotspots for food. Food poisoning and a few pounds later, I have tasted everything from some REALLY amazing biryani (from my own aunt’s Biryani Restaurant, Premier Biryani), kabob rolls, chicken tikkas, haleem, masala fries, fresh crab and prawns and lots more.

Today was interesting as well. Decided to go to the popular Itwaar (Sunday) Bazaar here where there is an abundance of almost everything. It’s a huge market  where you can find everything from fresh vegetables, fabrics to vintage designer clothes and books.

I find it interesting that culturally in America buying vintage is a fashion statement where as in Pakistan you will find the elite as well as the masses a little shy about shopping at what they call “Lunda Bazaar”, which has become almost a derogatory term. I suppose in a poverty stricken nation, it’s a status thing. The rich as well as the poor rather live in the belief that they can afford the original designer pieces as opposed to buying second hand items.

Another thing that I found amusing is the merchants of these stands at the Bazaar happen to be very brand informed. There is a distinct difference between just another shirt and one that is from Guess or Zara. And while bargaining they will mention it too, “Madam, Zara ka maal hai” to justify the price 🙂

Speaking of merchants, I met a little firecracker today who was selling branded make-up. She must be about 8 years old but she was one shrude little business woman. She was very firm on the prices and knew the difference between MAC and Cover Girl. Once I picked up a few items and decided to make an offer, her older male cousin agreed and she yelled at him and hit him for ruining her sales pitch.

So all in all it’s been an interesting few days. More to come as the days go by… The heat I will admit is killer and sticky icky ickyyyy.

Enjoy some pics below. Talk to you all soon.

Streets of Karachi

Premier Biryani (this caption was really necessary)

My cousin Maham (right) and I

Masala Fries… Yummm

Artwork at Sunday Bazaar

The little pouting firecracker @ Sunday Bazaar who sells make-up

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