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Islamabad Fashion Week

Stay tuned for day to day updates on the very first Fashion Week in the capital of Pakistan!

-The FashionEasta

Toni & Guy “Essensuals” Salon Launch in Karachi

Toni & Guy recently held a launch of their sister brand “Essensuals” at the Forum Mall in Karachi, Pakistan. The actual Toni & Guy salon is located in Bath Island, Karachi and is ‘ The largest purpose built TONI&GUY Salon in the World’ which I find pretty damn amazing!

I was one of the five female models along with Iraj, Gia Ali, Sadaf and Monica to participate in the launch event which was organized by Catalyst Events (Frieha Altaf.)

There was an interesting link in this show for me.  The Toni & Guy USA headquarters are in my hometown Dallas, Texas . So to represent the launch of a Toni & Guy Salon in my country of birth was kinda cool. Ok.. at least I thought so.. 😛

A day before the event I was called in to the salon to get my hair colored and cut by Saeeda Mandviwalla herself (the owner/manager of the salon.) I couldn’t do something way too drastic with my hair because of my ongoing acting commitments, we decided to have chunks of BRIGHT RED in my hair. Yeah.. that’s not drastic at all :-/

I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. But I think it turned out just fine. I kept it for about a week and then like Amy Winehouse I had to go “back to black” 😛

Below you can see some pics of the process..

Next day all the models had to show up at the salon again to get their hair finished and styled for the show which was to take place at 5pm at the Forum Mall.

This was probably one of the few ramp/hair shows in Pakistan..which took place in the center of the Mall. At least since I have been here 🙂 The great thing about this was that the general public got a chance to be a part of the audience. Usually events in the fashion industry are very exclusive to the people involved indirectly/directly in the event or then.. the elite. But this gave the masses a chance to see the show live!

Anyways you guys can all see clips of the show at this link! Enjoy and stay tuned for more fun FashionEASTa updates from Pakistan! 🙂


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