Islamabad Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes

I know I took a long time to post these but here they are…

Behind the scenes fun from Islamabad Fashion Week…

Zeba & I at the rehearsal

Mehreen trying to keep it together!

Me...waiting for my turn for make-up at Tariq Amin's Salon

Mannu (The coordinator) with his signature "WTF" look...

Browsing through the glossies

Iraj, Me, Nadia & Zeba after the Day 1 Couture Show

Fauzia, Mannu, Mehreen and I

Tariq Amin & I

Day 2: Models & Mannu leaving the hotel for make-up calls

Mannu & I, outside the hotel waiting for the car.

Inside our bus with the crazy driver who loved playing Munni Badnam & Sheila Ki Jiwani

The talented hair & make-up artist Nasir with Model Zeba

Model Nadia Hussain, trusting no one but herself to put on her lashes the right way!

Rabia & Cybil lounging at Tariq's...

Nice collage on Tariq's wall

Model Sophiiya Khan getting her nails done while she sleeps! A true diva!

Zeba made to jump on my request so I could take this cool pic!

I got a little too excited and jumped out of the frame...

Zeba again

Nadia relaxing after make-up and hair..

At the venue..models waiting for the Pret show madness to end...

Nooray looking cute in her glasses

Koni & Saima attached at the hip backstage


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5 thoughts on “Islamabad Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes

  1. zeba aali says:

    woww i love the last pic hira

  2. Annika Hertig says:

    My name is Jessica, I am writing from Norway. I really enjoy reading your blog. Yes, as Zeba says, the last pic. is lovely.
    Are you still in Karachi? Here in Norway I do have some friends from Pakistan.

  3. Annika Jessica Hertig says:

    I wonder if you have some links with pic of fashion shows in Pakistan

  4. M.AFROZ.KHAN says:

    A.O.A i am afroz from mianwali
    i am embroidery mashine workar
    i intrust in desing my exprince is 10year
    i need any job in fashion worka
    thank u so call # +923086358229

  5. rizwan says:

    My name is Rizwan , I am from Rawalpindi.I started watching style360 because of look beautiful in the western style.I like the pic’s of the sleeping diva and also the tariq’s wall.

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