Sobia Nazir Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

I recently modeled in a fashion show which took place on April 6, 2011 at the construction site of a new Sheraton being built in Islamabad, Pakistan. Sound’s weird but it was a nice change from the usual venues in Karachi.

Yes after eight months of living and working here, venues in Karachi are now becoming the “usual” for me. 😛

The location was beautiful because it was just about 20 minutes before Murree on the Margala Hills. To add to the charm of doing a Sobia Nazir show, J&S did a great job with the event management, decor and ambience. With the small exception of the 100ft runway being a bit lopsided (since we were on the hills). It made the models feel like they were rock climbing in 4 inch heels on the way back from head ramp.

It’s worth mentioning the choreographer of the event, Rezz Aly Shah. I’ve never seen a choreographer so concerned about the models and the show while remaining so calm and polite. Kudos to him!

Here are some photos of the scenery, backstage as well the show itself.

Me (left) & Rabia Butt (right)

Rubya doing touch ups

The stage

Group picture backstage after the show

The designer Sobia Nazir (left), Me (middle) and the choreographer Rezz Aly Shah (right)

Crazy 80's rock star pose after we let our hair down.. 😛

And here are some photos of me on the runway  😛

On the runway in a Sobia Nazir Bridal

On the runway in a Sobia Nazir Formal

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3 thoughts on “Sobia Nazir Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

  1. Amar says:

    If i may say that heaven on earth, then surely this was a glimpse… Thanks Hira. Plz keep it up.

  2. Usman says:

    Hira its great to see that you are in close association with fans .It shows how well groomed and down to earth sweet person you are.I am your fan since you acted in Geo Tv sitcom in 2003. You have uploaded only two pics of yourself at ramp. Please add some more specially the bridal one as it looks great on you & why dont you concentrate on dramas ?

  3. Sunny Shah says:

    love u hira want to c more back stage pics and know about life of models gud work thanks

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