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Bridal Couture Week 2011: Behind The Scenes

Yes it’s been a while (a few months) since the second ever Bridal Couture Week took place in Karachi, Pakistan. One of the few fashion ‘weeks’ in Pakistan which is actually practical and doesn’t necessarily require international buyers for it to make business sense. The wedding/bridal segment of the fashion industry seems to be thriving no matter what the political or economic situation in the country. I think this is mainly because it appeals to the local masses unlike the Pret & Ready-to-wear which is showcased at other fashion weeks.

After being occupied with work for the past few months and mostly procrastination, I have finally decided to post the photos! So here they are! Enjoy! 

Here is the beautiful stage set-up done by J&S Productions. Different touches were added to the stage each of the three days to give the audience something fresh every time. Aside from being on the runway, I was hired as a red carpet host as well. This was my look for Day 1 of the event. This beautiful Emerald Green dress was provided by Ayesha Sumaya who were also showing on the first day.

Backstage posing with the extremely sweet helpers, Mehreen and Ahmad.

Ginormous poster from the previous Bridal Couture Week in Lahore and a model having a smoke while waiting for rehearsal and fittings.

The line-up for J.J. Valaya who had very interesting things to say about the Pakistani film industry. When unable to locate Zara Sheikh (who was supposed to be his original ‘showstopper’), Vaneeza offered J.J. another film star, to which he responded, “I didn’t know you guys HAD ANY film stars here…” You ain’t gotta be mean Big Guy!

The Ukrainian models chilling/complaining/waiting/mingling backstage 🙂

Birdseye view of Rukaiya’s team getting started on make-up

Mirror full of hairspray and stains, no wonder we have a distorted image of beauty!Me chilling with Fia who puts the ‘F’ in backstage ‘F’un, with her over-the-top and sarcastic comments about almost everything. I’d like to show off by pointing out that the cute pink necklace I am wearing around my neck, she bought for me all the way from Germany!

And that’s us again…

Me wearing an outfit from Shaiyanne Malik’s collection. Doing the final touches before heading to the ramp.

Contrary to popular belief, models do eat. And unfortunately most of the times we aren’t exactly provided with the healthiest/low-fat meals to consume, which secretly makes me very happy at times. Who doesn’t like to sink their teeth into a greasy fry once in a while?

After all the runway madness, the other models went home, I had to stay back and do MORE interviews. Here I am talking to Shamal from Toni n Guy Lahore.

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