Shopping 360

Here I am on my way to shoot a new episode at a retail outlet called Outfitters in Park Towers.

Shopping 360 is a show that I host on Style 360 which is a fashion/style based tv channel here in Pakistan. In this show I go to one shop per episode and go through the racks, shop around, and then finally try on my picks for outfits from that particular shop. I show people how they can shop at these stores and also give them ideas on how they can create various outfits when they are shopping from these stores.

It comes on 7:30pm every Monday on Style 360. Online videos are not yet available but here’s a promo!

3 thoughts on “Shopping 360

  1. Kashif Malim says:

    Just watching a rerun of this episode. I like Outfitters but for some reason, most of their male collections always seem to be reruns of their older clothes. Most of their clothes are pretty much the same, with some minor variations in color, patterns, or combinations. And I think it’s overpriced.

  2. this show is seriously awesome but you need to explore new brands other than existing oneds 🙂

  3. eeman says:

    i like you and you are so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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