Fashion Pakistan Week: Rehearsal Part 3

Our rehearsal went on and on and on….

Lots of discussions on who’s fitting to do first and which designer wanted to see a walk through of their segment. 

Meanwhile, we (the girls) were bored, really bored. 

This is what manifested in our boredom:



Rubya and Fauzia having a “casual” conversation. Yes these gestures are quite normal.


Someone asked WHO WAS LATE?? And not to point any fingers but… is what it is.. JUST KIDDING FAUZIA!

Fauzia cluelessly sporting her ‘blue steel’. 


Charlie’s Angels. What a unique idea for a picture!


I really don’t know what that was all about.


Everyone doing the weird/mean look and… again…Fauzia is obliviously giving her best shot! Ohhh Fauzia…

One thought on “Fashion Pakistan Week: Rehearsal Part 3

  1. Raheel Rao says:

    i have better captions in my mind for all these pics 🙂

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