Pantene Campaign 2012

So a few months ago I got signed on to be the Pantene Brand Ambassador in Pakistan along with three other lovely ladies. In addition Saba Ansari of Sabs is signed as the Pantene Expert.

I did a photo shoot for their print campaign, a video testimonial and attended a PR Launch event.

Below are a few photos of the entire process. Enjoy!

Hair prep at Nabila’s Salon by the wonderful Nabila herself. The no make-up Hira.

Brilliant campaign of Johnson’s Baby Powder I saw in a men’s fashion glossy. Saeen tho Saeen, Saeen ka powder bhi saeen!

Next, I was off to the N-Pro Salon (which is also owned by Nabila) to get my make-up done.

Here is the finished double spread print campaign with the five faces of Pantene Pakistan 2012

Here’s my portion of the finished Print Campaign. Photographer was the talented (and hilarious)..Yasser Sadiq!

Here I am back at N-Pro to get my make-up done for the video testimonial. Will share that video when it’s available. I look like an egghead here. Oh well.

And AGAIN.. back at N-Pro to get ready for the PR Launch Event which was on the 28th of June, 2012

Here I am with (Left) Sarwat Gilani and (Middle) Momal Sheikh. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of the lovely Urwa who happened to be taking this photo.

Here is the extremely talented Meesha Shafi singing live at the Pantene event.

And here is my photo for Pantene!

And for those of you wondering, YES I do use Pantene. 🙂 To be more specific I use their Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner.

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One thought on “Pantene Campaign 2012

  1. Saqib Hassan says:

    Dont you think hira shampoos should be selected on the basis that which one suits your hair instead of publicity? For beautiful silky hairs like you may be Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner is good but will it work for everyone?

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