Who Wears this $h*t?


Yeah seriously, I mean… what’s WRONG WITH PEOPLE?? WHO would wear something like THAT ???

An elegant satin rust color halter top with sequin gold jacket and pants by Sana & Safinaz that fit ever so perfectly? Are they out of their MINDS? Is THIS what they call “fashion” these days? Well they better… oh…wait…. that’s ME!


Ok enough useless banter… I just thought it was funny that I saw my own face on some viral Facebook post poking fun at Pakistani Fashion. Thanks Bubby for sharing this with me.



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2 thoughts on “Who Wears this $h*t?

  1. Saqib Hassan says:

    Hira every person has his own point of view and may be he/she dont like it but to me and you its fine and thats why you are wearing but i wonder how he has judged this dress while in the picture one can only have very limited view of this 🙂 May be some people are in the habit of criticizing every thing but for me if you are wearing this then it automatically adds worth to the dress

  2. Thank’s for your comment. I think the person who posted this photo was just trying to be funny. And it’s all in good humor, so I enjoyed it 🙂

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