My new Marc Jacobs frames from Ottica

So one fine day as I was trying to buy some plastic chairs near Sean Circle, I noticed there was a eyeglass store next door. Decided to walk in and look around.

Right away I noticed their collection was much better than all the other optical outlets in Karachi so far, and the environment was clean and friendly. Plus I remembered a few weeks back someone messaging me on Facebook and telling me to come to their opening. So I guess Facebook marketing somehow works…sometimes. I figured any store in Pakistan savvy enough to market their opening in a nice way, is worth browsing at least.

Anyhow, I tried on a few different styles and brands but finally found myself with my heart set on these new Purple Marc Jacob’s cat eye style frames.

Service was great, their eye test was very advanced and seemed quite accurate. To my surprise my power had improved from -3.0 to -2.5! Yay!

I got a good price which I will not reveal since I am not sure if they will be able to give that same deal to everyone else. However I still haven’t been able to find the same exact frame online to check the price. Neither did I find some unique model number to check with. That makes me a wonder a lot of things but I am hoping for the best since they look pretty real as far as the quality goes as well as the box they came in. But just to confirm I am going to follow up with them and see if I can get some model number, because it is bothering me a little bit. Ottica if you are reading this blog, please respond to my concern in a comment!

UPDATE: I received a call from Ottica today (a day after I posted this blog) and they were nice enough to contact me after reading this post to inform me that the model number is on the left hand side in a light yellow color which is very hard to see. So here is the official link to the model I got: MJ 375. So I guess that means their customer service is great as well which is quite rare in Pakistan to be honest. 

Along with the eyeglasses I got a few more goodies, like cleaning spray, a snazzy Ottica mug and a very cool Ottica eye glass cloth. So I was a happy customer!

Here are a few photos! Do they look good? Horrible? Ok? Comments! 





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4 thoughts on “My new Marc Jacobs frames from Ottica

  1. Munir Barry says:

    Hi Hira,

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Please drop by the shop anytime and we will help you out with the verification of the model number. Just to put your mind at ease, we are the sole distributors for Marc Jacobs eye wear in Pakistan.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Munir Barry

  2. El Safino says:

    It’s the best blog ever 🙂
    i always have fun while reading what theFashionEasta has to say about things that she see’s . this reminds me of acting getting myself a nice pair of glasses as well . nice pictures and yes the shades look awesome . Good choice Hira Tareen .Keep Writing more blogs 🙂

  3. El Safino thanks for your comment! Mr. Barry, thanks for the call today. I have updated my blog with a comment. Please refresh it and take a look! Thanks for the great service. I have a few friends who are looking forward to visiting you as well soon.

  4. Saqib Hassan says:

    Anything hira wears can add charm to that product. You look nice as always and its shocking that you have -2.5 . Do you put lenses regularly? Between why you gave your number to them ?

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