Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 – Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage Collection Look

FPW held in Karachi this October was a great experience. Rehearsals were quite fast and effective and things were well organized.

One of my favorite looks was in Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage Collection show.

This was the first show on the second day. Hair was done by the talented team at Toni & Guy Karachi headed by Saeeda Mandviwalla and make-up was handled by the vibrant and familiar team of Sabs Salon.

A lot of times when I participate in these fashion weeks, I notice the one thing that we are still a bit behind on is the make-up. Sometimes when the designers want to be creative, the make-up is overdone because a lot gets lost in translation when just explaining verbally.

This happened to be one of my favorite looks because I think the make-up and look really complimented the vision of the collection rather than take away from it. The make-up was kept very minimal and Sanam did a great job communicating the look to the make-up and hair team with a visual reference. She also stood there till she was satisfied with the look. This is very important, since by default the models and the rest of the team prefer very enhanced eyes and a make-up heavy face. It’s quite a challenge sometimes to be able to get everyone to agree that the models look great with less make-up.

Backstage a lot of models were worried that they didn’t look good enough because of the minimal make-up. However, this show got some great reviews, so I am sure their worries were put to rest.

Below are a few of my snaps of the process.


The make-up look was supposed to be completely nude with touches of red on the eyelid. The eyebrows were lightened with a foundation stick and the plan was to stick on paper cut-out black brows. Later on Sanam decided to do without the cut out black brows, which I think in retrospect was a good decision.


Since the collection had a heavy Japanese influence, the hair was tied up with knots at the top. All the models had a slightly different variation of this look.


A special technique was used to create the ‘knot’ look. Some rubber rollers were used to create the shape and structure of the knots and the hair was wrapped and pinned around the shapes.


Here is the finished look on the runway. The art direction, styling and accessories was the teamwork of Maha Burney and Sanam Chaudhri both. Sanam designed and made the accessories herself for this show while Maha came up with the make-up & hair look along with some other styling touches. Both did a great job! 🙂

One thought on “Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 – Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage Collection Look

  1. maha says:

    Thanks Hira ! you looked great in the look ! 😉

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