My Dawn Images Profile Shoot

Aside from modeling, acting and djing, a lot of my time is spent working with my sister in our company H&Z Creative Agency. See our page here

Recently a blog called Style Stripped did a blog on one of my shoots and it reminded me to blog about it as well 🙂

Here are a random few snaps from one of our shoots we did for my interview for Dawn Images.

Above: The accessory table with lots of fun stuff including my favorite gold Coach sneakers.

Above are the mood-board/references for each look of the four looks that I created.

Here are the four final looks based on the four facets to my personality. (Top Left) DJ, (Top Right) Geek, (Bottom Left) Model, (Bottom Right) Actress.

Zara Tareen you are amazing for capturing me the way you do! Nabila’s team did a great job with the references and executed the looks nicely. Thanks to Sanam Chaudhri for providing some of the dresses you see. My favorite was the neon jacket in the Geek look and the gold jumpsuit in the DJ look.

Doing personality shoots is fun because I got the chance to combine my favorite designer pieces with some of my personal wardrobe and accessories. What’s not fun is crying, but it certainly was worth it after seeing the intensity in that shot.

One thought on “My Dawn Images Profile Shoot

  1. Ricky ponting says:

    2nd row and 2nd column is my favourite.

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