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DIY Styling: Shiny Disco Shades


On Page 26 of the Kayseria Pret ‘Pretalogue’ you will learn how to make your own Disco Shades inspired by Jewelled Sunglasses like the one below.



All you need is a pair of well shaped sunglasses with enough room around the frames, a glue gun, small jewel rhinestones, and some square cut out mirrors (that I purchased from Paaras Art Store in Khadda Market, Karachi.)

The rest of the instructions are above (in the first image) and pretty self explanatory.  If you want to improvise you can even use other things like chains, studs, etc.  I used mirrors because it gives more of an ethnic touch and it went well with the styling of the entire Virsa line of Kayseria Pret.

This is a simple and fun way to glam up a pair of old boring shades that you don’t wear anymore. Here are some more images for inspiration. Happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 9.56.56 PM tumblr_m77p1si6fA1qm7dwoo1_500

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Kayseria Pret Launch BTS: 6:00PM

Hira Tareen

The finished look for the Launch event. I like it but not as much as the look for the phoot.

Zara Tareen

Campaign photographer Zara Tareen driving us both to the venue Olivetto.

Kayseria Pret Karachi Launch BTS: 3:30PM

Some pics from getting ready at the Sabs Salon & sneak preview of some of the catalog printouts





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mayfair & yardley london face powder

Recently I purchased some cosmetics from Vicky’s in Khadda Market. Anyone who lives in Karachi (Clifton/Defence) and has purchased quite a few make-up products in the past should be familiar with Vicky’s Cosmetics.

At the counter I asked for Yardley face powder as it’s quite an inexpensive option to reduce shine on the face when it comes to TV or Print projects and yes it works quite well. If you have been involved in any media related projects or come across any make-up artist here, you will find that 90% of them use this face powder.

I was skeptical when two powders which seemed to be of the same make had a different quality applicator. I turned to read the labels and discovered that one claimed to be Mayfair Perfumes London and one was Yardley London.

Both had an almost identical look and feel unless you look closely at the information on the back and the logos in the front. Which is pretty strange, considering that it’s quite rare to have two brands with almost identical packaging.

I dug even deeper into this suspicious situation and discovered that when I google Yardley Cosmetics this is the image I find of the REAL YARDLEY packaging:

Yardley London Pressed Face Powder

AHA! As you can see this looks completely different from the so-called Yardley London Face powder above in the very first picture.

What’s more upsetting is that Vicky’s Cosmetics (where I purchased these products) has a very arrogant and strict policy of a FIXED price as if they are selling only premium and authentic products. And this is not just about Vicky’s Cosmetics, this happens in various cosmetic stores thru out Pakistan. And make-up artists are okay with purchasing these items without questioning because yes it does the trick for quick fixes, maybe because it’s not going on their face, OR they just don’t know any better or haven’t thought twice about it.

To go into further detail I also took photos of the backside of these products. The Mayfair products seem real because I was able to find a website to verify the same product. SEE HERE


So if this packaging is fake and so are the ingredients, the REAL QUESTION here is what exactly are they putting in these fake powders that we are applying to our faces? Chalk, dust, glass particles, KRYPTONITE ? Haha okay that may be a stretch but you never know! There’s no way to really know. All we can do is take a stand, call these people out and NEVER buy fake beauty products again!

Keep checking back on this blog as the hunt continues for FAKE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I’m on a mission!

Print Ad in XPoze for Adnan Pardesy Pret


New Campaign for Kayseria Pret

Recently did a whole campaign for a new brand Kayseria Pret which is a brand extension of Kayseria Prints.

Kayseria is known for their ‘magic in prints’ (so says their tagline), however they have decided to a launch a completely separate brand that caters to the Pret or Ready to Wear market.

Doing campaigns for ‘brand new’ brands is really creatively satisfying because you get to be the first ones to set a certain tone for the brand and there’s a lot you can do.

The campaign was comprised of three separate shoots. Each for their three lines Kontemporary, Virsa and Riwayat.


The shoot above was for the Virsa line of Kayseria Pret. Depicting the theme of pure Pakistani street style combined with Truck Art was fun because of the vibrant styling, lighting tones, and tire props used in the background.
The idea for the headline was to take the phrase ‘ready to wear’ and replace ‘wear’ with a verb that represents appeal in some way. Hence, ‘Ready To: Flaunt’, ‘Ready To: Dazzle’, ‘Ready To: Charm’, etc.

The talented Zara Tareen of H&Z Creative Agency did the photography of course.

The dynamic duo of Natasha Khalid & Hina Durrani from Natasha Salon did the make-up and hair for  the Kontemporary line and Riwayat. And for the Virsa line, Zara Tareen did the hair styling where as I did the make-up.

Here are two of the print ads that recently got published in all the major weekly magazines such as Daily Times ‘Sunday, ‘Sunday Plus’, ‘Lounge’ from Pakistan today and also a monthly magazine called Ad Gallery.


The shoot above was for the Kontemporary line of Kayseria Pret. The theme was neon’s with a look of ‘Tokyo Pop’ with an added flair of femininity. We did this with Geisha inspired hairstyles & eyebrows, and flowers that looked similar to lotus flowers but with more rounded edges in everything to add the feminine touch.

Will be sharing some more ads of the Riwayat line, BTS video, billboards, catalog and also some cool editorial write-ups. Stay tuned!


Photography: Zara Tareen @ H&Z
Styling. Make-up & Layout: Hira Tareen @ H&Z
Hair: Zara Tareen @ H&Z
Copy & Art Direction: H&Z Creative Agency
Models: Rubya Chaudhry

Photography: Zara Tareen @ H&Z
Styling & Layout: Hira Tareen @ H&Z
Make-up & Hair: Natasha & Hina @ Natasha Salon
Copy & Art Direction: H&Z Creative Agency
Models: Rubya Chaudhry & Hira Tareen

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