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Music at Fashion Pakistan Week 6

Heard a lot of great music out there at FPW6 this time around.

But I still think most designers are using various tracks through out the show rather than making an effort to get someone to make them a proper mix for the show. Yes using separate tracks gives you a flexibility to change the order and timing last minute, but unfortunately the DJ who sits up there doesn’t quite mix the songs together quite well. When you do a pre-produced mix (with the right DJ of course) you can ensure that the transition between song A and B won’t be offensive to the audience. And by that I mean all sorts of weird overlapping sounds that just make you want to go WTF.

Also, it’s so important to set the right mood with the right selection of music for a particular collection to create the desired visual impact.

The two designers/brands who stepped up ahead of the game and put time and effort into getting their mixes created were Aamna Aqeel & Daaman. And from the feedback seems like the music played a key role in how people responded.


Aamna came over for a meeting and mentioned that she wanted her music this time to go more on the happier, feminine and softer side. Last time we did a nice fashion meets deep house sound. She really liked this track called ‘Moves Like Ms Jackson’ that I played for her and wanted everything else to sort of go around that. The challenge was that FPW initially required a 15 minute mix which I knew was going to run too long. During rehearsal Sheroo confirmed that it indeed will run only 6 – 8 minutes max. We tried to change the choreography so that the show spans over at least 10 minutes but we were really pushing it. So last minute executive decision was to start the mix from 4:56 onwards so that her favourite song could play during the finale. Yeah lot of work goes into this stuff. Here it goes.


When I first had a meeting with Malyha and Owais from Daaman, they made it very clear that they didn’t want too upbeat of a tempo or something to electronic sounding. They also wanted a ‘HAPPY’ positive sounding mix with a lot of feminine vocals and more known songs rather than underground tunes. This was the best that I came up with within their requirements and turned out, this mix was quite the favourite amongst the models, designers and anyone who was there to attend rehearsals or the show itself. I guess the Adele vs. Daft Punk mix really makes its impact and the first track (mix of Royals) really has a ting to it too. Check it out!

To hear some of the other mixes that I have made previously you can go to

Oh and stay tuned and check back in a few days for some crazy images and video from backstage madness at FPW.

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Kayseria Pret Karachi Launch BTS: 3:30PM

Some pics from getting ready at the Sabs Salon & sneak preview of some of the catalog printouts





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Fashion Pakistan Week Day 3

Aah ok. It’s Day 3 of FPW… Things are a bit calmer today because by now we all know the drill. Come on time, wait around, get fittings done, rehearse, get yelled at, possibly get replaced, and get ready for the show.

On a positive note the models are more united and carefree than ever before. And aren’t contributing to any sort of negativity in the atmosphere.

The line-up for today:

Shamaeel Ansari
Baani D
Ahmed Bham
Monsoon/ Accessorize
Wardha Saleem
Nomi Ansari

Here are some behind the scenes photos of today.







Fashion Pakistan Week Day 2: Pre-show

Ok Imran…. Ok Ok Ok Ahhhhhhh!! Sorrryyy!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›
Sana in the waiting line…
The Sabs team begin their work after rehearsals







Fashion Week Day 1: Cont’d






Fashion Pakistan Week: Day 1- Pre-show

On my way to the venue
Amna chit chatting
Feeha Jamshed arranging last minute stuff







Fashion Pakistan Week: Rehearsal Part 2

Unnofficial Tea Break with the girls


FPW Coverage: Rehearsals Part 1

Here at the rehearsals. Rehearsing for Bunto Kazmi’s show.




Fashion Pakistan Week Makes a Comeback

Keep checking this week for non-stop coverage from a model’s perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚



Islamabad Fashion Week: Behind The Scenes

I know I took a long time to post these but here they are…

Behind the scenes fun from Islamabad Fashion Week…

Zeba & I at the rehearsal

Mehreen trying to keep it together!

Me...waiting for my turn for make-up at Tariq Amin's Salon

Mannu (The coordinator) with his signature "WTF" look...

Browsing through the glossies

Iraj, Me, Nadia & Zeba after the Day 1 Couture Show

Fauzia, Mannu, Mehreen and I

Tariq Amin & I

Day 2: Models & Mannu leaving the hotel for make-up calls

Mannu & I, outside the hotel waiting for the car.

Inside our bus with the crazy driver who loved playing Munni Badnam & Sheila Ki Jiwani

The talented hair & make-up artist Nasir with Model Zeba

Model Nadia Hussain, trusting no one but herself to put on her lashes the right way!

Rabia & Cybil lounging at Tariq's...

Nice collage on Tariq's wall

Model Sophiiya Khan getting her nails done while she sleeps! A true diva!

Zeba made to jump on my request so I could take this cool pic!

I got a little too excited and jumped out of the frame...

Zeba again

Nadia relaxing after make-up and hair..

At the venue..models waiting for the Pret show madness to end...

Nooray looking cute in her glasses

Koni & Saima attached at the hip backstage


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Toni & Guy “Essensuals” Salon Launch in Karachi

Toni & Guy recently held a launch of their sister brand “Essensuals” at the Forum Mall in Karachi, Pakistan. The actual Toni & Guy salon is located in Bath Island, Karachi and is ‘ The largest purpose built TONI&GUY Salon in the World’ which I find pretty damn amazing!

I was one of the five female models along with Iraj, Gia Ali, Sadaf and Monica to participate in the launch event which was organized by Catalyst Events (Frieha Altaf.)

There was an interesting link in this show for me. ย The Toni & Guy USA headquarters are in my hometown Dallas, Texas . So to represent the launch of a Toni & Guy Salon in my country of birth was kinda cool. Ok.. at least I thought so.. ๐Ÿ˜›

A day before the event I was called in to the salon to get my hair colored and cut byย Saeeda Mandviwalla herself (the owner/manager of the salon.) I couldn’t do something way too drastic with my hair because of my ongoing acting commitments, we decided to have chunks of BRIGHT RED in my hair. Yeah.. that’s not drastic at all :-/

I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. But I think it turned out just fine. I kept it for about a week and then like Amy Winehouse I had to go “back to black” ๐Ÿ˜›

Below you can see some pics of the process..

Next day all the models had to show up at the salon again to get their hair finished and styled for the show which was to take place at 5pm at the Forum Mall.

This was probably one of the few ramp/hair shows in Pakistan..which took place in the center of the Mall. At least since I have been here ๐Ÿ™‚ The great thing about this was that the general public got a chance to be a part of the audience. Usually events in the fashion industry are very exclusive to the people involved indirectly/directly in the event or then.. the elite. But this gave the masses a chance to see the show live!

Anyways you guys can all see clips of the show at this link! Enjoy and stay tuned for more fun FashionEASTa updates from Pakistan! ๐Ÿ™‚


Fashion Week in Pakistan

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My Favorites from Lakme Fashion Week



Swapnil Shinde

Swapnil Shinde

Narendra Kumar

Narendra Kumar



Deepika Gehani

Deepika Gehani

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Somewhat Disappointing:The Future of Fashion: Celebrating Five Years of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund – Fashion at the Park, Dallas, Texas

This was my first time attending Fashion at the Park (kinda like Fashion week for Dallas, happens every year at North Park Center,) so I did expect some good things because their marketing design, brand image and caliber of sponsors seemed very high.

This show the 8pm Saturday show.

“A runway fashion show to celebrate five years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund โ€“ the fashion show will feature multiple designers who have been lauded as award finalists and featured in Vogue, including Doo.Ri, Phillip Lim, Michael Bastian, Marchesa, Thakoon and Peter Som.
Personal appearances include Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Thakoon Panichgul and Peter Som.”

The vibe was decent. They were heavily staffed. Show started with a pretty cool video about the struggling fashion designers and how CFDA gives them guidance and a jumpstart so they can run a successful business. However when the models started strutting out with the first designers collection, I kinda had the “is this it?” empty feeling hoping that the show would progress to blow me away. It didnt.

The models weren’t terrible, but not impressive (considering this is one of the biggest fashion events that takes place every year in dallas). Some of them had awkward walks. I did spot Chantal from America’s Next Top Model (cycle 9) which was pretty cool. But she happened to blend in pretty well with the rest of the rigid and awkward (and not in a good high fashion kind of way) models.

I mean… I know this is supposedly “high fashion” and the models have to have a pretty straightforward walk devoid of any extra “ooomph” but not to the point where they are making the designer’s garments look like sweats.

Speaking of the designers, my favorites were Marchesa and Philip Lim. That being said I didn’t really see anything that would bring out the “ooohs and aaahs” from me. These are supposed to be some promising designers with a bright future, but the clothes lacked opulence and class and just the overall X factor.

Even the runway shows and collections I have seen come from countries like Pakistan and India are far more impressive. Except they don’t get to have the formal training and academic edge like these designers do, and most of their work doesn’t get seen in the international market.

I mean yes most of this seemed like ready to wear and it wasn’t supposed to be overly intricate couture stuff, but it was missing something!

Again my opinion of the collections might be clouded because of the overall feel of the show with consisted of a not too impressive stage setup, OK models, and very commercial music!

To be fair, I’ll attend more of these to see if this was a one off thing or most of these Fashion at the Park shows happen to lack that allure that I was expecting to see.

But I must say, the appetizers were great, i thoroughly enjoyed the lamb and fish cones. And the cocktail servers quick and friendly.

I would definitely go again!

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