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Promo for Backstage Pass: FPW6 Edition is giving you the Backstage Pass to some of the hottest fashion events.

We start with Fashion Pakistan Week 6 and hope to bring you more of the inside scoop of fashion in Pakistan.

Webisodes coming soon to Stay tuned.

Directed & Produced by: Hira Tareen at H&Z
D.O.P: Fatima Shah
Edit: Hira Tareen at H&Z

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FPW Begins: Rehearsals







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How to Be a Model: Coco Rocha’s 7 Secrets to Making it a Career

How to Be a Model: Coco Rocha’s 7 Secrets to Making it a Career

How to Be a Model: Coco Rocha’s 7 Secrets to Making it a Career

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Kayseria Pret Launch BTS: 6:00PM

Hira Tareen

The finished look for the Launch event. I like it but not as much as the look for the phoot.

Zara Tareen

Campaign photographer Zara Tareen driving us both to the venue Olivetto.

Print Ad in XPoze for Adnan Pardesy Pret


My Dawn Images Profile Shoot

Aside from modeling, acting and djing, a lot of my time is spent working with my sister in our company H&Z Creative Agency. See our page here

Recently a blog called Style Stripped did a blog on one of my shoots and it reminded me to blog about it as well 🙂

Here are a random few snaps from one of our shoots we did for my interview for Dawn Images.

Above: The accessory table with lots of fun stuff including my favorite gold Coach sneakers.

Above are the mood-board/references for each look of the four looks that I created.

Here are the four final looks based on the four facets to my personality. (Top Left) DJ, (Top Right) Geek, (Bottom Left) Model, (Bottom Right) Actress.

Zara Tareen you are amazing for capturing me the way you do! Nabila’s team did a great job with the references and executed the looks nicely. Thanks to Sanam Chaudhri for providing some of the dresses you see. My favorite was the neon jacket in the Geek look and the gold jumpsuit in the DJ look.

Doing personality shoots is fun because I got the chance to combine my favorite designer pieces with some of my personal wardrobe and accessories. What’s not fun is crying, but it certainly was worth it after seeing the intensity in that shot.

Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 – Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage Collection Look

FPW held in Karachi this October was a great experience. Rehearsals were quite fast and effective and things were well organized.

One of my favorite looks was in Sanam Chaudhri’s Kage Collection show.

This was the first show on the second day. Hair was done by the talented team at Toni & Guy Karachi headed by Saeeda Mandviwalla and make-up was handled by the vibrant and familiar team of Sabs Salon.

A lot of times when I participate in these fashion weeks, I notice the one thing that we are still a bit behind on is the make-up. Sometimes when the designers want to be creative, the make-up is overdone because a lot gets lost in translation when just explaining verbally.

This happened to be one of my favorite looks because I think the make-up and look really complimented the vision of the collection rather than take away from it. The make-up was kept very minimal and Sanam did a great job communicating the look to the make-up and hair team with a visual reference. She also stood there till she was satisfied with the look. This is very important, since by default the models and the rest of the team prefer very enhanced eyes and a make-up heavy face. It’s quite a challenge sometimes to be able to get everyone to agree that the models look great with less make-up.

Backstage a lot of models were worried that they didn’t look good enough because of the minimal make-up. However, this show got some great reviews, so I am sure their worries were put to rest.

Below are a few of my snaps of the process.


The make-up look was supposed to be completely nude with touches of red on the eyelid. The eyebrows were lightened with a foundation stick and the plan was to stick on paper cut-out black brows. Later on Sanam decided to do without the cut out black brows, which I think in retrospect was a good decision.


Since the collection had a heavy Japanese influence, the hair was tied up with knots at the top. All the models had a slightly different variation of this look.


A special technique was used to create the ‘knot’ look. Some rubber rollers were used to create the shape and structure of the knots and the hair was wrapped and pinned around the shapes.


Here is the finished look on the runway. The art direction, styling and accessories was the teamwork of Maha Burney and Sanam Chaudhri both. Sanam designed and made the accessories herself for this show while Maha came up with the make-up & hair look along with some other styling touches. Both did a great job! 🙂

Who Wears this $h*t?


Yeah seriously, I mean… what’s WRONG WITH PEOPLE?? WHO would wear something like THAT ???

An elegant satin rust color halter top with sequin gold jacket and pants by Sana & Safinaz that fit ever so perfectly? Are they out of their MINDS? Is THIS what they call “fashion” these days? Well they better… oh…wait…. that’s ME!


Ok enough useless banter… I just thought it was funny that I saw my own face on some viral Facebook post poking fun at Pakistani Fashion. Thanks Bubby for sharing this with me.



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Pantene Campaign 2012

So a few months ago I got signed on to be the Pantene Brand Ambassador in Pakistan along with three other lovely ladies. In addition Saba Ansari of Sabs is signed as the Pantene Expert.

I did a photo shoot for their print campaign, a video testimonial and attended a PR Launch event.

Below are a few photos of the entire process. Enjoy!

Hair prep at Nabila’s Salon by the wonderful Nabila herself. The no make-up Hira.

Brilliant campaign of Johnson’s Baby Powder I saw in a men’s fashion glossy. Saeen tho Saeen, Saeen ka powder bhi saeen!

Next, I was off to the N-Pro Salon (which is also owned by Nabila) to get my make-up done.

Here is the finished double spread print campaign with the five faces of Pantene Pakistan 2012

Here’s my portion of the finished Print Campaign. Photographer was the talented (and hilarious)..Yasser Sadiq!

Here I am back at N-Pro to get my make-up done for the video testimonial. Will share that video when it’s available. I look like an egghead here. Oh well.

And AGAIN.. back at N-Pro to get ready for the PR Launch Event which was on the 28th of June, 2012

Here I am with (Left) Sarwat Gilani and (Middle) Momal Sheikh. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of the lovely Urwa who happened to be taking this photo.

Here is the extremely talented Meesha Shafi singing live at the Pantene event.

And here is my photo for Pantene!

And for those of you wondering, YES I do use Pantene. 🙂 To be more specific I use their Milky Extra Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner.

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Fashion Pakistan Week: Rehearsal Part 3

Our rehearsal went on and on and on….

Lots of discussions on who’s fitting to do first and which designer wanted to see a walk through of their segment. 

Meanwhile, we (the girls) were bored, really bored. 

This is what manifested in our boredom:



Rubya and Fauzia having a “casual” conversation. Yes these gestures are quite normal.


Someone asked WHO WAS LATE?? And not to point any fingers but… is what it is.. JUST KIDDING FAUZIA!

Fauzia cluelessly sporting her ‘blue steel’. 


Charlie’s Angels. What a unique idea for a picture!


I really don’t know what that was all about.


Everyone doing the weird/mean look and… again…Fauzia is obliviously giving her best shot! Ohhh Fauzia…

Shopping 360

Here I am on my way to shoot a new episode at a retail outlet called Outfitters in Park Towers.

Shopping 360 is a show that I host on Style 360 which is a fashion/style based tv channel here in Pakistan. In this show I go to one shop per episode and go through the racks, shop around, and then finally try on my picks for outfits from that particular shop. I show people how they can shop at these stores and also give them ideas on how they can create various outfits when they are shopping from these stores.

It comes on 7:30pm every Monday on Style 360. Online videos are not yet available but here’s a promo!

Bridal Couture Week 2011: Behind The Scenes

Yes it’s been a while (a few months) since the second ever Bridal Couture Week took place in Karachi, Pakistan. One of the few fashion ‘weeks’ in Pakistan which is actually practical and doesn’t necessarily require international buyers for it to make business sense. The wedding/bridal segment of the fashion industry seems to be thriving no matter what the political or economic situation in the country. I think this is mainly because it appeals to the local masses unlike the Pret & Ready-to-wear which is showcased at other fashion weeks.

After being occupied with work for the past few months and mostly procrastination, I have finally decided to post the photos! So here they are! Enjoy! 

Here is the beautiful stage set-up done by J&S Productions. Different touches were added to the stage each of the three days to give the audience something fresh every time. Aside from being on the runway, I was hired as a red carpet host as well. This was my look for Day 1 of the event. This beautiful Emerald Green dress was provided by Ayesha Sumaya who were also showing on the first day.

Backstage posing with the extremely sweet helpers, Mehreen and Ahmad.

Ginormous poster from the previous Bridal Couture Week in Lahore and a model having a smoke while waiting for rehearsal and fittings.

The line-up for J.J. Valaya who had very interesting things to say about the Pakistani film industry. When unable to locate Zara Sheikh (who was supposed to be his original ‘showstopper’), Vaneeza offered J.J. another film star, to which he responded, “I didn’t know you guys HAD ANY film stars here…” You ain’t gotta be mean Big Guy!

The Ukrainian models chilling/complaining/waiting/mingling backstage 🙂

Birdseye view of Rukaiya’s team getting started on make-up

Mirror full of hairspray and stains, no wonder we have a distorted image of beauty!Me chilling with Fia who puts the ‘F’ in backstage ‘F’un, with her over-the-top and sarcastic comments about almost everything. I’d like to show off by pointing out that the cute pink necklace I am wearing around my neck, she bought for me all the way from Germany!

And that’s us again…

Me wearing an outfit from Shaiyanne Malik’s collection. Doing the final touches before heading to the ramp.

Contrary to popular belief, models do eat. And unfortunately most of the times we aren’t exactly provided with the healthiest/low-fat meals to consume, which secretly makes me very happy at times. Who doesn’t like to sink their teeth into a greasy fry once in a while?

After all the runway madness, the other models went home, I had to stay back and do MORE interviews. Here I am talking to Shamal from Toni n Guy Lahore.

Sobia Nazir Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

I recently modeled in a fashion show which took place on April 6, 2011 at the construction site of a new Sheraton being built in Islamabad, Pakistan. Sound’s weird but it was a nice change from the usual venues in Karachi.

Yes after eight months of living and working here, venues in Karachi are now becoming the “usual” for me. 😛

The location was beautiful because it was just about 20 minutes before Murree on the Margala Hills. To add to the charm of doing a Sobia Nazir show, J&S did a great job with the event management, decor and ambience. With the small exception of the 100ft runway being a bit lopsided (since we were on the hills). It made the models feel like they were rock climbing in 4 inch heels on the way back from head ramp.

It’s worth mentioning the choreographer of the event, Rezz Aly Shah. I’ve never seen a choreographer so concerned about the models and the show while remaining so calm and polite. Kudos to him!

Here are some photos of the scenery, backstage as well the show itself.

Me (left) & Rabia Butt (right)

Rubya doing touch ups

The stage

Group picture backstage after the show

The designer Sobia Nazir (left), Me (middle) and the choreographer Rezz Aly Shah (right)

Crazy 80's rock star pose after we let our hair down.. 😛

And here are some photos of me on the runway  😛

On the runway in a Sobia Nazir Bridal

On the runway in a Sobia Nazir Formal

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Islamabad Fashion Week

Stay tuned for day to day updates on the very first Fashion Week in the capital of Pakistan!

-The FashionEasta

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Karachi, Pakistan

It’s been about four months since I landed in Pakistan. Things have been interesting and positively overwhelming to the say the least. I have had the chance to make a new set of friends  as well as meet lots of fascinating people in the budding and promising media/fashion/entertainment industry of Pakistan.

Recently I got the chance to be a part of one of the Fashion Week events here in Pakistan (as a model) called the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week which was held in Karachi at The Golf Club in Defence.

The event was coordinated and organized by Frieha Altaf who is more or less the Anna Wintour of Pakistan and the choreography was done by HSY (Hassan Shehryar Yasin) who is this spunky and funny yet professional personality in addition to being one of the top fashion designers of Pakistan!

There were about 5 – 6 designers each day for 4 days total and over 35 models (male & female), some of which traveled from Lahore to Karachi to participate in the show.

After having been exposed the the fashion industry in the US, I must say that overall I was impressed with the production and the organization of the event.

One thing that was a little different about fashion week in Pakistan was that there was a lot of choreography in each segment which is usually avoided internationally as fashion week is supposed to be more about the garments and collection rather than the theatrics.  And this is not a good or bad thing, just different. I guess it’s a cultural thing and perhaps also stems from the fact that we haven’t reached a point in the industry yet where there are tons of buyers who are placing orders on the collections.

The models were sweet, professional and dedicated. There were the occasional Divas who at times tried to intimidate the fresher talent which may have worked on some. 🙂 But once you break through the rough exterior and talk to them one on one, they are not so bad! In fact some of them are very encouraging and keen to help.

Two of them had fever throughout the event, but still did their part to show up to the rehearsals and take part in the show. One of these girls ended up fainting backstage on the finale of the last day. Yikes!

There were some models who were moaning and groaning about having to be at rehearsal period, which didn’t make sense at all but they were put in their place right away by the choreographer.

The more established models were definitely given preference for the best outfits, but this provided for a great opportunity for the new girls to shine. I say this because when you are given an outfit that is not exactly a ‘show-stopper’, then you have a bigger challenge to really ‘rock’ the outfit on stage for it to be noticed. So when the newer girls were getting claps and appreciation, then we knew we had done something right!

The make-up and hair team backstage did get a bit stressed at times and lost it a little but I think to be fair, things can get pretty crazy backstage anywhere in the world. They did a pretty good job with the make-up as it looks good in the photographs (doesn’t looked caked on) and the hair was also nice but honestly left me wanting a bit more. The best word I could use to the describe the hair is “safe”.

The designers were great! The ones that I really noticed in terms of a great sense of aesthetics and workmanship were Sobia Nazir, Feeha Jamshed @ Teejays, HSY, Akif, Maria B., Kamiar Rokni and last but not least Omar Farooq of Republic.

In terms of being bold and innovative, I think designers like YBQ, Ali Xeeshan, Fahad Husseyn and Mohsin should be applauded.

Now for the music! I know that in this aspect I can be extra critical because I am obsessed with discovering new music and having it match with the visuals presented, so I will say that the music was pretty good but could’ve been much better. A few designers I noticed had just picked songs they like personally and maybe didn’t put too much thought into whether it matches the philosophy, mood or brand identity of their collection.

One great song I discovered was I think in this designer named Akif’s segment. It’s called Gypsy (Afrojack remix) by Steve Angello. <– Check out the youtube link to listen! While they were playing it at rehearsal, I snuck up to the DJ Booth and peeked at the name of the track!! Muhahahah! Also, on the fourth day and the final show, HSY had a nice energy/vibe to the music in his segment which provided for an excellent closing to the entire event.

So there…we’ve covered models, music, designers, make-up/hair and more.

It was a very exciting and fun event to be a part of for someone like me who has been away from Pakistan for years.

BRAVO to the team of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week for continuing the show during and after the horrible bomb blast in Karachi around 8pm during the 2nd day of this event. They made a decision to not give into the act of terrorism by not being terrorized.

Hats off to the entire team and to the people who came to watch! The show must and it DID go on!

Here are some photos:

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