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Mumbai: The World’s 22nd Top Fashion City, Under Attack.

Victims Remembered, Photo from

Victims Remembered, Photo from

The past few days, the news has been filled with coverage of Mumbai and the deadly attacks by gunmen and bomb blasts.

Hundreds of innocent people dead with no solid evidence of who is responsible. Fingers are being pointed to the most expected (understandable but not necessarily justified) directions.

Again the world feels the same restlessness that it felt during 9/11 or any other terrorists attack. The people of the world are anticipating a solution before any reactions come about that may impact the lives of thousands around the world.

Months prior to this situation, progress was being made by numerous artists, entertainers, fashion designers and other talent of Mumbai & Karachi (the two fashion centers of the South Asian subcontinent) collaborating on various projects to produce quality work.

Pakistani Ambassador of Fashion in India

Honey Waqar, Pakistani Ambassador of Fashion in India

It is sad to see how incidents such as this not only take innocent lives but also take us many step backwards on all the positive efforts by both the sides.

We must all hang tight together and not let this incident plant the seed of negativity and hate (as it aimed to) and keep on working towards the goal of peace between the two nations and the rest of the world.

Pakistani brand Karma in Bridal Asia in India

Pakistani brand Karma in Bridal Asia in India

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