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It Makes Perfect Scents!

In my previous posts you have read that there are certain songs or sounds I hear that evoke visuals of fashion or just “speak” fashion. I am sure you guys thought I was a weirdo after reading that one but good news is, I am not the only one who thinks this way!

The idea of audio and visuals coming together is something that many musicians, event producers and entertainers have almost perfected. However mixing scents with music is something that has mostly been overlooked  and not explored much until now.

Famous fragrance designer, Christophe Laudamiel ( who has designed for Clinique, Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, etc.) has coined the idea of a “scent opera.” A performance which pairs music and scent in an interesting way that lets the audience experience various scents based on “perfume chords” accompanied by music. (To read more about how this works, follow the link at the end of this post.)


This might sound crazy but it is definitely a step forward into getting people to think about building new and interesting experiences while making use of our five senses.

Hearing about this was particularly interesting for me because I have always been intrigued by the condition called “Synesthesia” Let alone the fact that I have a slight form of this condition myself 🙂

I wonder how long it will be before we are able to smell things while browsing the internet and what this means for various venues that want to start using scents more to evoke certain emotions or to create a particular ambiance.

I know that my friend Dinah Daniel from Mosaic Aromatherapy will be thrilled to hear about this since she specializes in creating custom fragrances for various events and venues.


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Morocca’n Roll!

Vogue Italy’s May cover and spread featured a model wearing outfits and jewelry inspired by the Middle Eastern and Moroccan culture.

Cover of Vogue Italy's May Issue

Cover of Vogue Italy's May Issue

Below are some photos.

I think this sort of Arabic and Afghan inspired jewelry will be very in this coming summer and fall. I saw Bebe’s new catalog and it was filled with it as well.

For those of you in the Dallas,TX area, you can check out a store called Another Time and Place located in Plano (Shops at Legacy), McKinney and Dallas and find jewelry and other accessories like this.


Title of the fashion spread





Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia

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FashionEasta: Songs That Speak Fashion – Volume 1

Sometimes you can visualize music and in the same way you can hear fashion in certain songs.

Ok well I can at least 🙂

Here are my latest picks for songs that have a lot of style.

Heartbeats Live by The Knife

Pop the Glock by Uffie

Daniel by Bat for Lashes

Koop Island Blues by Koop

Move for Me by Kaskade

Black & Gold by Sam Sparro

Nothing to Worry About by Peter Bjorn

So add these to your ipod and stay tuned for my next set/volume!


The FashionEasta

Photo shoot for Armale Boutique by H&Z


Photo shoot for Armale Boutique by H&Z from Hira Tareen on Vimeo.

A behind the scenes look at the latest H&Z photo shoot for Armale Boutique located in Dallas, Texas.

The shoot has been styled and creatively directed by Hira Tareen of H&Z Productions. And the photography was done by Dixie Dixon.

Models are Veda and Madison.

Stay tuned for the actual photo shoot and TV Commercial!!!
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